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The portrait was forbidden to be portrayed in the country that believed in
Islam. Therefore, the artistry of the book has developed highly.
Persian calligraphy has two elements such as elements of meaning and beautiful forming.
,so to speak, the union of the time art and the spatial art.
Meaning element " poetry "" love " and formed element " music "" painting " have been condensed by a zen spirit.
As for it, the body with calligrapher's ceaseless effort, wisdom, and sensibility has combined with the column.
The space of the character and the blank has order.
Calligrapher's soul is expressed in a pure black, white space.
It becomes a language universal an unknown character by calligrapher's ability. This subtle and profound is sublime of traditional arts.
It is exactly chic of Iranian's art where Ka of Islamic culture is made to
The history of Persian cultural Islamic culture contributed to human race's culture old,
and left the extensive inheritance.
I can say that Persian calligraphy is the one.